• Crossing the Channel by ferry has the advantage of offering passengers great mobility. Why not travel to France to explore it in total freedom? Drive your car on board as a family in England and disembark in France a few hours later!


    You can thus travel through the fabulous regions of France according to your wishes and visit the French countryside and villages at your own pace. You no longer have any drawbacks, your car crosses with you.


    Choosing the ferry is so convenient!  Forget car rentals and trains with all their connections. Take your car with you on the ferry. Even more since the ferry has no restrictions on how much baggage you can take; you can even take your pet. No more kennels!


    Mobility, flexibility and freedom are the hallmarks of your stay in France thanks to the cross-Channel ferry network that takes you to the heart of the most beautiful regions ofFrancewith its 14 ferry lines connecting England toFrance.


  • Taking the ferry to cross the Channel has the great advantage of being much more economical especially when travelling as a family, with friends or in a group.


    Unlike the plane or train, ferry tickets are not booked individually but in groups (usually for two or four passengers and a car). Depending on the period, a cross-Channel ferry fare is ten times cheaper than a plane or train fare. The earlier you book, the more you will save on the price of your trip from England to France.


    If you would like a short break to discover France and you have a limited budget, the best option is the ferry.  This way of travelling will allow you to save money and make more of your stay in France.


  • Crossing the Channel can be very fast! But you must still choose the right way to travel.


    Some people will prefer to wait for hours in the departure lounge of an airport, others will prefer to waste their time (and lose their patience) behind the wheel of their car, stuck in traffic. In all cases, they will arrive in France stressed and behind schedule!


    The best solution undoubtedly remains the ferry. If you do not like unwelcome surprises, especially during your holiday, and you are in a hurry to reach your destination and enjoy your stay in France, then the ferry is the ideal means of travelling for you.


    The ferry offers unparalleled flexibility. With several departures every day, the cross-Channel ferry companies allow you to get quickly and easily to France.

    Save yourself the queues at airports and drive on board the next ferry to France.


  • Get ahead with your holidays thanks to the many cross-Channel routes linking England toFrance. Cross the Channel by ferry and get toFrance with peace of mind!


    The ferry has a great advantage over the car when it comes to travelling to France, because your holiday begins the moment you get on board. You can relax in your cabin, admire the Channel Coast from the outside deck, relax in the private lounges, take some refreshment or a snack at the bar, and even do some shopping.


    So make things easy on yourself, drive on board with your family and relax during the crossing. Once on the Normandy coast, reach your destination without any stress.


    The ferry gives you the incredible opportunity to travel to France with your mind already at rest. So forget the stress of the airport and motorway congestion and make life easy for yourself. Opt for the ferry for your next holiday inFrance!