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Ferries-to-France offers you a rich and interesting section to learn more about the history of cross-Channel ferries and the advantages that this way of travelling offers compared to others, such as travel by air or train.


Find all the information you need to know to understand the current situation of the ferry transport network connecting England to France. Everything you ever wanted to know about network-Channel ferries but were afraid to ask is available! A section is even dedicated to the more curious among you who have questions about the history of Channel ferries.


If you are still wondering if the ferry is the most suitable means of transport for you to get to France, go straight to the ‘advantages’ section and you will discover the advantages of boarding a ferry for your next holiday in France. Freedom, speed, price and relaxation, you now have every reason to enjoy your trip to France. Let yourself be persuaded by the comfortable ferries of the cross-Channel network thanks to our cross channel ferry advantages page.