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The website “http://www.ferries-to-france.com” is a website of the company AstonWood. These terms and conditions of use are intended to inform you of the conditions under which you can access the website and, if need be, use the data it contains.


2. Liability

The company AstonWood declines all liability in the event of the improper or unlawful use or exploitation of all or part of the content of the website.
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3. Intellectual property

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All the texts, information and logos found on the website are the property of the company AstonWood or are used with the authorisation of their owners. The editorial content, with the exception of trademarks, protected by their respective owners, is made available in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons licence – Non Paternité – Non commercial – Pas de Modification 2.0 France. The acknowledgement requested is systematically to include a hyperlink to http://www.ferries-to-france.com for any quotations taken from texts on this website. Authorisations above and beyond the scope of this licence may be obtained using our contact form.
AstonWood is a protected trademark.


4. Modification of the website and the terms and conditions of use

The information contained in the website is not contractual and the company AstonWood may modify the content of the website and these terms and conditions of use at any time without prior notice. These modifications are binding upon you and we advise you to consult the website regularly to take note of the current terms and conditions of use.


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