Destination Franche Comté

Franche-Comté is the green tourist destination in all its glory! It consists of four départements: Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône and the territory of Belfort. Besançon, the main town and capital of the Franche Comté region, is located about 700 km from the Calais and Dunkirk ferry terminals.


Besançon - French region Franche Comté - Eastern France

Besancon – Franche Comté

In winter, do not miss the Montbéliard market, one of the most famous Christmas markets of France. In summer, cross-country skiers are replaced by walkers and cyclists travelling across the high plateaus of Franche-Comté and discovering the many waterfalls. In this region, forests hold pride of place as they cover half of its area. With its 80 lakes and several thousand ponds and rivers, Franche-Comté is also the delight of anglers.


As you will have understood, this incredibly well preserved French region, is a perfect getaway for all lovers of nature and France, for a short break or longer stay. Among the many cultural visits and excursions that the region offers, the most noteworthy must be the citadels of Belfort and Besançon, the Rahin Valley and its caves and the Source of the Lou.