Destination Corse

Corse, aptly named The Island of Beauty, offers visitors views of unrivalled, almost unreal charms. To fully appreciate this French region, ideally you need to stay there for a least one week.


Corte - French region Corse - Southern France

Corte – Corse

Separated into two départements, Haute-Corse and Corse du Sud, the island is full of treasures: beautiful beaches, unspoiled coves, steep mountains, mountain lakes, pine forests and maquis, multicoloured seabeds and steep trails … You will understand, Corsica has a multitude of landscapes and idyllic setting for a heavenly holiday.


With a peak of over 2,700 metres, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is the dream destination for sun and nature lovers. And because it is the most ecologically preserved region , Corsica is one of the most popular regions of tourists seeking authenticity.


Every path you follow will lead you to a chapel, a bridge, a tower or a curiosity to discover. Let yourself be captivated by the singular nature of its heritage and its rich traditions where gastronomy and Art De Vivre hold an essential place.