Destination Champagne Ardennes

Champagne-Ardenne is one of the greenest regions of France. It invites visitors to cross the same gold shimmering plains as Rimbaud, Napoleon, Voltaire and Renoir. Arrive in Reims in the footsteps of these great names on the A26 motorway. Just 270 kilometres separate you from the ferry terminal at Calais.


Troyes - French region Champagne Ardennes - Eastern France

Troyes – Champagne Ardennes

This vast region, composed of four départements (Ardennes, Aube, Marne and Haute-Marne), is the true cradle of modern France.


Often under-explored by tourists who visit France, Champagne Ardenne, however, is the region that has most to tell. Having lived through invasions from the East, the coronation of Clovis in the cathedral of Reims and the battle of Valmy, the region is steeped in history and culture and is now a true open-air museum.


But if this region, with a noble and elegant sound, has toured the world, it is mainly because it is host to the famous Champagne vineyards. Visit the most prestigious vineyards in the world: wine tourism offers you a chance to discover the whole Champagne tradition. The region offers visitors many unspoilt landscapes. Forests, valleys and plains as far as the eye can see, castles and citadels packed with history. So many things to discover in Champagne Ardennes!