Destination Bourgogne

Dijon - French region Burgandy - Eastern France

Dijon – Burgandy

Burgandy is a region of France that is still very unspoilt and located in the Centre-East of the country. It includes the départements of Cote-d’Or, Nièvre, Saone-et-Loire and Yonne. Just 500 kilometres of motorway separate the port of Le Havre from Dijon, a vibrant city and capital of the Burgundy region.


Burgandy offers visitors gentle stop-overs and typically French landscape, for a weekend, a short break or long holiday. This French region is divided into a patchwork of territories, each with their own colours, authentic flavours and fabulous scents. Bourgogne is also home to the famous Dijon mustard!


The region hosts the prestigious Burgundy wine route stretching from Beaune to Dijon. It also offers other more secret and wonderful resources, starting with the forests of the Morvan, through the agricultural plains surrounding the city of Sens and the green and opulent landscapes of the Charolais and the Brionnais.


Travelling to France and visiting Burgundy is also to discover the stunning architecture of rural Burgundy Bresse and the sometimes austere landscapes of the Côte-d’Or, dotted with charming and rustic medieval towns.