Destination Basse Normandie

Cider- French region Lower Normandy - North eastern France

Cider- Lower Normandy

Lower Normandy is a French region made up of three départements: Orne, which is inland and Calvados and Manche, which are bordered by the English Channel. The region has ports hosting the cross-channel ferry routes such as the terminals ofLe Havre,Caen and Cherbourg, connecting directly toEngland.


The region has always welcomed travellers and tourists from around the world in a green setting where History and Gastronomy are inseparable.

For a short break or extended holiday inFrance, exploring the Normandy countryside and seeking out every corner of it offers a host of pleasures: long cliff-lined beaches, lush pastures, cottage gardens, and the local people who are as warm as they are welcoming… Lower Normandy musters all the charm of the English countryside but with unique French flavours: sparkling cider, soft Camembert cheese and a crisp-baked baguette make a perfect picnic.


There’s so much to see and do! But if only a few things can be remembered they should undoubtedly include the Caen Memorial, the Deauville boards, the pretty port of Honfleur, the D Day Landing beaches, the Bayeux Tapestry and the abbaye aux Hommes de Caen (or Men’s abbey), built in memory of William the Conqueror.


Lower Normandy is all that and much more … Take a break! Come and visit this beautiful region just a few hours crossing away from the English ports.