French Food and Drinks

French cuisine is the only one to be listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage! It is because it comes from centuries-old tradition of know-how and local specialities and which now make its renown. For you, we have selected french culinary highlights to savour as soon as you can during your stay in France!

The Breton galette

The Breton galette from french region Brittany western France

The Breton galette

The Breton pancake, also called galette, is one of the famous dishes that you will only find in France!

Made of buckwheat or wheat flour, it is eaten sweet or savoury: ham-cheese, mushrooms-goat cheese, salted butter caramel…

It adapts to the tastes of gourmets and gourmands and remains the unmissable speciality to enjoy during a stay in Brittany.

Foie gras



Foie gras - French food - South weastern France

Foie gras

Duck or goose foie gras is one of many culinary specialities of south western France. It can be prepared in different ways. Eaten half cooked or cooked, accompanied by an onion confit or fig jam, or on toast, its smoothness will surprise you! Associated with a sweet wine or a great Champagne, it remains the undisputed king of all festive fare in France. Come and taste this exceptional food of an incredible elegance that will delight your taste buds with its refined and rustic flavours!

Quiche Lorraine

The Quiche Lorraine - French food -  Eastern France

The Quiche Lorraine


This traditional recipe from Lorraine is one of the simplest but also one of the most iconic of French gastronomy. The recipe dates from the sixteenth century but it is still not showing its age! A fine puff pastry is topped with eggs, cream, bacon and cheese. Ideal to take as a snack, you will enjoy it unreservedly during your stay in France! 


Cider - French drink of Normandy - Northern France

Cider from Normandy

Originally from Normandy, this low-alcohol drink made by fermenting apple juice is a must! This excellent drink, light and refreshing, is easily recognised by its beautiful golden colour. Its fine bubbles make it a drink that can be drunk as meticulously as wine, accompanying savoury or sweet dishes and ideally with a galette!  To taste the best ciders, travel The Cider Route through the small villages of Normandy!



The Parisian - French food - Typical french sandwich

The Parisien

The Jambon-beurre, also known as Parisien, is a sandwich composed of a crusty baguette in which are placed slices of ham on the bone and moulded butter. Its popularity and simplicity make this a great classic for a snack lunch on the terrace of a café or for a picnic. Authentic and tasty, it’s a way of tasting the famous French baguette, another inescapable symbol of France. So if you want a French-style lunch, enjoy a Parisian, a classic of French food!